These frames and flowers were designed to honor your friends, family, or pets who have passed away, but can be used for any other purpose.
If you would like to receive the frame with the picture already inside (recommended), please send the highest res version of the image you have to cooperlovano@gmail.com with subject line= the frame you ordered.

This is part of a larger project to provide simple and inexpensive support for people who have lost someone they love in their life. If the price of the frame or flower is outside of your budget, enter discount code flower to only pay for shipping (flat rate of $5).

In the future, I am working towards facilitating small, informal local memorial services for people who don’t want the formalities and expenses of traditional funeral services. If you would like to talk about this idea or are interested in having an event like this, I would love to talk to you! Please reach out to cooperlovano@gmail.com

I make the frames and flowers by hand with fabric, hot glue, wire, and paint, and they may have areas that are not polished or perfect. I will make you aware of anything major, but you are for any reason unhappy with the frame you can send it back and I will fix or replace it free of charge.